Terms and Conditions


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We use cookies to make your journey more personalised. Cookies on our website help you effectively shop and place orders. Almost all browsers have cookies enabled as default. However, you can easily disable cookies. Disabling cookies on your browser will affect your online shopping experience with us. We use cookies to process your products and orders. Therefore, it is advised that you keep your cookies enabled while shopping with us.

Our Privacy Policy

We at Mobile Pro take your privacy very seriously. We protect your information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation 2018.


We do not ask for any formal consent. When you enter your personal details, we assume that you have done it voluntarily and with full consent.

What Personal Information We Collect and How We Use It

The information that we collect can include:
  • Your essential personal details such as name, email address, contact number etc.
  • Data that allows us to recognise you, including your preferences and navigating patterns. This data is collected through cookies and saves you from having to re-enter your information when you visit our website next time.
  • Details of your credit or debit cards and bank account information.
  • We use your information to:
  • Process your order
  • Test if our website is as efficient and effective as it should be
  • Let you know if any of our policy changes

  • Complying With Government Laws

    We reserve the right to disclose any information to comply with Government laws and policies. Mobile Pro has the right to protect itself and its users.

    Terms and conditions

    Once you complete the online order form or place an order by phone, we will send a confirmation email to confirm the order. This will form a contract of sales between you and Mobile Pro.
    You should be 18 years or above to buy from our website or sell a device on our website. However, users below 18 must order with the consent of a parent or carer. Mobile Pro will need an adult to provide necessary information when somebody under 18 is making the order.
    Mobile Pro can withhold the process if we believe that an order is being placed without the card or account holder’s consent. If this proves to be true, our contract will no longer hold valid.
    If we suspect any dubious activity, we can call/email the customer to confirm his/her identity and may require proof of identity.
    Mobile Pro reserves the right to cancel any order if we consider the order to be fraudulent.
    We will not tolerate any fraudulent activity and will immediately report to the relevant authorities. Your IP addresses are recorded when you make an online order with Mobile Pro.
    All the orders are subject to the availability of stock. We do our best to update our stock but sometimes delays can occur.
    All our prices are in UK pounds. The total cost of your order will include price of the product, delivery charge and the charge of any additional services.
    All the products are the property of Mobile Pro until full payment has been made. As part of our promotional offer, we give discount codes to our customers. These codes are only valid online.
    While we strive to keep the information on our website accurate, we make no guarantees of its accuracy. We can cancel an order if an error has been made in terms of pricing or if a error has been made whilst giving an offer for a mobile phone. If we cannot provide our service for reasons beyond our control, such as natural disasters, wars, etc., we will not be liable.
    Prices are subject to change without any notice. However, we will try not to change the price of any item that has been ordered. In case we have to do this, we will notify you through email and give you a chance to cancel the order.
    Your items will be shipped only when the full payments is made and the payment has been cleared.
    The product is shipped to the address provided by the customer on the online form or through the phone. If the customer enters a wrong address, MobilePro will not be liable for the loss of any items and it is the customers responsibility to make sure the information they provide is full and correct.
    We reserve the right to revoke a offer given for a device. If we find it was not sent out as described or it comes up as not clear on checkmend. We will give either a revised offer or return the phone if not as described. If the device is not clear on CheckMend then by law we will hold the device under qurauntine for 14 days allowing you to resolve any issue. If it cannot be resolved then we will have to destroy the device. We will contact the relevant authorities if fraud has been detected.