How will I be kept up to date with my order?

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a email notification. The notification will contain your order number and order summary. You can also check your delivery status on your my account page. This is a ideal time to check all the details are correct.


What do your Good/Excellent/New conditions mean?

All the devices we sell in Good/Excellent/New condition have features that are fully functioning. Devices in Good condition will have moderate marks. Cosmetically marks on the device will be noticeable but there will be no major cracks on the screen or dents on the back or sides. Excellent condition devices will have only faint marks, that are visible up close. Devices in new condition will be factory sealed.


Do mobile phones come with warranty?

With every device we give 12 months warranty. If a device stops functioning as it should we will repair the device. In the instance a device cannot be repaired a replacement device will be given instead. It may take upto 28 days for repair work to be done and the device to be sent back to you.


Are your mobile phones unlocked?

Yes, all our devices are unlocked to all networks.


Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled but you have to contact us in a timely manner. If parcel is handed over to our delivery partner then at that point we cannot cancel your order. You will receive a email notification if you order has been cancelled.


How can I make payment?

Payments can be made through a Credit or Debit card. All major Credit cards and Debit cards are accepted.