Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on the wide customer base that we have developed over the years. Although we are more than happy to answer all your queries by phone or email, here are some questions frequently asked.

Q. Are all your shipments insured?

A. As a company that prides itself on trust and reliability, we have got insurance for any loss or damage.

Q. Can I order for a friend?

A. We understand that sometimes there may be language barriers or any other personal issues. Mobile Pro allows you to place an order and ship it to a friend or pay from your friend’s card.

Q. Can VAT be removed from my order?

A. Orders shipped in the UK will have VAT applied to them. However, VAT are automatically removed for shipments to countries in the outside the EU when added to the basket.

Q. Can shipments be tracked?

A. Tracking of shipments depends on the delivery method. Sometimes, we deliver expensive items through delivery services that can be tracked. However, this is not always the case.

Q. How do I pay?

A. Payment can easily be made through a credit or debit card and through PayPal. All your details will remain absolutely safe with us.

Q. In what currency do you accept payments?

A. As we are a company based in UK, we accept payments in Pounds.

Q. Are there any warranty periods?

A. All our devices have got a specific warranty period. This can be found on the product’s page. If you cannot find it, contact us to find out.