• How to fix iOS 10 common problems

    ios-10If your iPhone and iPad update has run into a number of issues, then don't panic as there are many ways to fix them. It’s important to understand that there are both intentional changes by Apple that need to be remedied for some users, and unintentional setbacks due to bad code that we can help alleviate. It just takes some iOS 10 troubleshooting.

    How to fix iOS 10.0.2 problems

    Apple has released an update to iOS 10, known as iOS 10.0.2, and while this addresses a number of problems we discuss in this page, there are a number of problems still plaguing iOS 10 users.

    If you still experience low battery life, flaky bluetooth and unreliable Wi-Fi connections with iOS 10.0.2, continue reading to find the solution to your iOS 10.0.2 problems.

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