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  • Apple iPhone 6 vs Apple iPhone 6S Mobile Phones - What's the difference?

    The Apple iPhone 6S smartphone may look like a minor upgrade from the Apple iPhone 6 mobile phone. In fact it is actually a lot different than it first appears and it's the biggest leap I’ve seen from an 'S' labelled device.

    Appearance wise, it has the same curvy build, and the same antenna lines on the back and also the same 4.7-inch, 720p display. However, its camera boasts of 4K recording, 3D Touch and a quicker CPU.


    And if you already own the Apple iPhone 6 and are tempted to upgrade, then make sure you’re ready to pay the extra cash, as it costs a lot more too.


    Apple iPhone 6S: 

    • 7.1mm thick
    • 143g, series
    • 7000 anodised aluminium back
    • Space Grey/Silver/Gold/Rose Gold

    Apple iPhone 6: 

    • 6.9mm thick,
    • 129g, series
    • 6300 anodised
    • aluminium back
    • Space Grey/Silver/Gold

    Even though it’s an attractive device, I would say that the Apple iPhone 6 is probably the least visually appealing iOS device to date. The reason for this is the combination of plastic antenna bands, and overly curved sides, not to mention the protruding camera lens all create something that lacks that typical Apple style.

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